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Glass Services by ABC Glass

Transparency Plate Glass — Glass Services in Oregon City, OR
ABC Glass can add that perfect effect you're looking for on your piece of glass. Whether you need beveling, customizing, fabricating, we can handle almost any glass service. You can rest assured that your glass will be worked with precisely accurate, state of the art machines. Just let us know what exact service you are looking for, and the specifications you need and we'll give you a great looking, perfectly sized sheet of glass you need. ABC Glass can put the perfect edge on your piece of glass.


The process of "beveling" glass, means to have the edges of the sheet of glass cut and polished, to a certain angle and size to create a beautiful, extravagant look. When the process is finished, the edges of the glass will be thinner than the center of the glass. The edges will have a glossy and shiny appearance and will give the sheet of glass a more decorative look and feel.


If you have broken a specific piece of glass on your equipment that is hard to find and you will need a custom sized glass to replace it with, we are here to help. ABC Glass is happy to offer customized services to our customers. Just let us know what shape and dimensions you are looking to have and we will be able to create it for you. We are equipped to handle the strangest and unique shapes and dimensions. Next time you are need of unique glass, look no further than us


There are many techniques that fall under the umbrella of "glass fabrication''. These techniques include grinding, polishing, cutting, and drilling. When performing glass fabricating services, precision, experience and quality are of extremely important. That is why you should not settle for anyone but the best. ABC Glass has over 4 decades of experience working with glass. If you are in need of fabricating services, call us today at (503) 656-1300.